Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 11- New Friends

Today was an interesting day... in a very good way.

First, the sun finally came out which was beneficial because it dried my equipment and 'brightened' my mood.  I made some Red River (which was great) then headed out on a 7.3km hike.

The hike was really nice, and I enjoyed ever moment of it.  I was well rested and cheerful from my rest the day before and it made all the difference.

I took a break at one point to climb a small mountain (or rather a large hill) to get a panoramic view of the lakes I had stayed at, the Lake of Two Rivers and Starling Lake, and the view was stunning.

 Insert clever caption here.  Or not.  Who actually reads these things besides me?

As I continued my hike I met a man named David who was doing his first solo trip.  He was doing one night, trying to get over his fear of being alone, and he told me about the private plane he owned that he wanted to use, one day, to fly to a remote region to camp out in.

Once I had finished the hike I got directions to the highway where I waited to hitchhike. 

 Would you pick me up if you saw me?  You would?  LIAR!

I don't know why I just assumed someone would pick me up but after an hour I felt like Raskoloniskov (from Crime and Punishment)- I developed a disdain for humanity and resented being in a situation where I was forced to rely on anyone's good will.  Suddenly a card stopped, I could hardly believe it- it was the people who had given me directions earlier!  Their names were Jane and George, a nice older couple, and they were there with their middle-aged daughter Sarah.  My faith in humanity had been restored!

They dropped me off at the entrance to the camping ground and after registering I hiked over to my site.  I was so tired by then, and having skipped lunch, that I just dropped my pack on the ground a lay down.

A man approached me and after telling me his name was Gary Cartilage he asked me if I could use a beer.  At first I said no, as I'm not really a beer drinker, but he insisted.  I'm glad I did- it was a Moosehead Beer and it might have been the best thing I've ever had to drink.

My blog- promoting alcoholism since 2010.

Gary introduced me to Bill Robinson and then their respective families.  We spent a long time talking about camping (all of them were very knowledgeable), life, and every topic in between- God, work, fishing, beer, ghost stories, etc.  Their wives were very sweet and their kids very polite and friendly.

They invited me for dinner (which was wonderful) and then to their campfire afterwords.  After some cold drinks, food, and great conversation I hit the bed (With my new inflatable air mattres- a gift from Bill).

Dinner with the Cartilages.  I'm so lucky they kept Kosher...

This was a wonderful day.

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