Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 4- We Arrive.

Journal Entry:
It's Saturday July 17th and I'm at Algonquine Park with my friend James, his wife Lyndsay, and Chad Zhou (a wonderful magician from China).

I've set up camp, made a fire, and cooked everyone food.  It's funny but I feel like my father- no one listened to exactly what I said as far as how to prepare for the trip (and like insolent children they regretted it- no sleeping bag or pillow Chad?), everyone expected me to do all the word and everyone expected me to do it perfectly.

 Nothing like some hot soup to get a trip started!

Lyndsay and James aren't exactly 'camping people', something I will no doubt tease them about for a while (especially because of their native background...)- they kicked me out of my tent in order to get their massive, queen sized air mattress in (then complained it wasn't comfy enough) and chose to drive to the gift shop rather then go hiking.

Chad enjoyed his first camping experience though and seemed up for anything; hiking, collecting firewood, setting up the tent and even some late night stargazing.  I'm glad he's having a great time.

James and Lynn are talking about heading out a day early, and since they're his ride Chad will have to go with them, but nothing has been decided yet so we'll have to wait and see.


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